One living residency or apartment with a work studio and a living area (kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area).


59,83 m² (residency M1.1).

Equipment and furnishings

The work studio has basic technical equipment: a work table and a chair. The living area of the residency has a kitchen (fridge, stove, kitchen table, sink and cupboards), bathroom and sleeping area (bed). Bed linen is provided and residents can use the laundry facilities.

Period of use

1 month (October).

Residency for critics

The International Residency Programme, a collaboration between the MGLC and the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory, focuses on researching and reflecting on contemporary visual arts; interdisciplinary approaches that combine art with humanism are also welcome. The Critics' Residency in the Švicarija therefore regularly hosts writers who want to get to know the local art scene.

The Critics' Residency is dedicated to writing and culminates in the publication of a professional or journalistic text in various genres (criticism, essay, analysis, research, reportage, etc.). The programme is open to writers who define the focus of their research, are interested in contemporary visual arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and have specified the subject of their research (artists, galleries, museums, etc.) as precisely as possible in their application.


Established or emerging art critic or writer in the field of contemporary visual arts. Residents and citizens of the Republic of Slovenia are not eligible.

Costs of use

The selected resident has their living expenses and travel expenses covered (up to €500 for EU countries, up to €900 for non-EU countries); in addition, they receive a grant (€1,350).

How to apply

The call for the Critic-in-residence programme is published in December each year for the following year.

Application deadline

For 2024: 15 January 2024.

For 2025: 15 January 2025.


Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory.