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Website of the 35th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts

The Shadow Is Seen by My Eyes, the Light Is Seen Only by My Heart
History of Švicarija
Permanent exhibition
MGLC Švicarija
The Stojan Batič Memorial Studio
Permanent installation
MGLC Švicarija
35th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts
15. 9. 2023–14. 1. 2024
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Upcoming events

3. 12. 2023
10 a.m.–6 p.m.
MGLC Švicarija
Open Day of MGLC Švicarija
3. 12. 2023
11 a.m.
Guided tour
Public Guided Tour of the Biennale Exhibition at Cukrarna
9. 12. 2023
11 a.m.–noon
MGLC Švicarija
Guided tour
35th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: Guided tour for families
10. 12. 2023
6 p.m.
MGLC Švicarija
Conversation evening
Evening with Manca Košir: Stories about Books and People
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