One residency or apartment with a work studio and a living area (kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area).

Equipment and furnishings

The work studio has basic technical equipment: a work table and a chair. The living area of the residency has a kitchen (fridge, stove, kitchen table, sink and cupboards), bathroom and sleeping area (bed). Bed linen is provided and residents can use the laundry facilities. Residents can use our Print Studio and have the assistance of a printmaking technician.

Period of use

Up to 2 months.

Residency At the end of the world

The programme orientation of the MGLC Švicarija – community, art and nature – and the location of the residency centre on the border between city and nature, on the edge of a city park and a forest, led us to utopian, dystopian and fantasy reflections on what the end of the world could look like. Will it be experienced as a general terrestrial and human catastrophe of planetary proportions, or it will be a gradual, almost invisible and silent obliteration of the individual, until there is nothing human left here and now? There are many possible end-of-the-world scenarios – including those that will predict post-Anthropocene coexistence on Earth and beyond. Art can be visionary and inspiring in this respect.

The residency is therefore intended as a two-month reflection on the end of the world, which may result in a new artistic production, curatorial research or theoretical reflection.


Artists and art collectives, established or emerging art curators, theorists.

Costs of use

The selected resident has their accommodation, travel and subsistence expenses covered.

How to apply

The open call is published once a year.

Application deadline

The open call is in preparation.