Call deadline:
15. 1. 2024
until 23.59

Call published

23. 11. 2023
International residency

Open Call for Critic-in-Residence Programme 2024

MGLC Švicarija, a creative and residential centre, in collaboration with the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory, both based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, invites art historians, art critics and cultural journalists to apply for a fully funded, one-month residency in Ljubljana during October 2024.


Call deadline: 15 January 2024 (23.59 CET)


Who we are?

Located in Ljubljana’s central Tivoli Park, MGLC Švicarija is a cultural, educational and social hub that offers programmes to the public, studio facilities for local artists and residencies for international artists and art professionals. Home to a public programme following the concept of “community, art, and nature”, Švicarija is part of MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts, a specialised museum, producer of printed and contemporary art, and provider of artist residencies. MGLC emerged from the legacy of 20th-century printmaking and the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts, the world’s oldest printmaking biennale that has been held continuously since 1955.


The Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory works with and promotes the legacy of Igor Zabel, an influential Slovenian curator, art writer and art historian (1958–2005), by bringing his work into dialogue with current questions and phenomena in the field of contemporary art, art writing and curatorial practices in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, and beyond.


What we aim to do?

The overall aim of the international residency programme is to support the exploration and reflection on contemporary visual art and exhibition histories. We welcome art writers who wish to focus their interest on either (applicant has to choose one option):

a) Ljubljana’s vibrant art scene (artists and art communities, art and cultural institutions, art events, …);

b) 70 years of the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts (research of the various aspects of the Biennale from its beginning in 1955 to nowadays, including, but not limited to: the exhibition’s curatorial positions, organisational structure, art-medium related issues, diplomatic role, cultural-political aspects, art market role and critical reception; focusing either on the older periods of the Biennale, or it’s contemporary history. Fresh and non-conventional approaches are highly encouraged).  


Our aim is to host an art historian, art critic or cultural journalist active in writing and publishing reviews and/or other forms of art writing in the international context. Candidates wishing to write about the Ljubljana art scene will produce at least 1 piece of writing (review, interview, column or essay) on a selected topic over the course of the residency. The text should preferably be published in the English language in a periodical (printed or online), radio, television or personal blog.

The selection will also take into account whether the applicant already has a written agreement or confirmation for the publication in relevant media of the text to be produced during the one-month residency.


If the hosted critic chooses to explore the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts, they will have the opportunity (at the discretion of the editors) to publish their text in one of the publications marking the 70th anniversary of the Biennale in 2025.


Period of the residency: 131 October 2024

The 2024 critic-in-residence programme will take place in October 2024. The duration of the residency is fixed and is not subject to change. If applicants are unable to commit to the defined term or residency, the organisers cannot guarantee that the residency will take place in another time period.


Who we are looking for?

An emerging or established art historian, art critic or cultural journalist:

-       who is a skilled writer with proven experience in writing and publishing articles on modern or contemporary art or exhibition histories;

-       who has an excellent command of English (but need not be a native speaker);

-       who has the desire to explore new art scenes;

-       who is – in case of candidates wishing to write about the Ljubljana art scene – able to produce at least one piece of writing over the one-month residency period about selected topic;


In addition:

-       priority – in case of candidates wishing to write about the Ljubljana art scene – will be given to critics/journalists with already arranged confirmation for publishing the text in relevant media;

-       prospective candidates wishing to write about the Ljubljana art scene should have a genuine interest in discovering the local art scene, meeting artists and attending exhibitions and other cultural events that take place during the residency;

-       we are open to exploring different approaches to writing about art.


What we offer?

-       free accommodation in a fully equipped studio apartment at the MGLC Švicarija creative and residential centre;

-       reimbursement of travel expenses to and from Ljubljana (up to €500 from European countries, up to €900 from non-European countries);

-       stipend for living expenses (approx. €1350 per month gross / €45 gross per day);

-       support in getting to know the local art scene:

-       support in researching the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts.


How to apply?

We accept applications submitted:

a) via the MGLC website until 15 January 2024 (23.59 CET)


b) received at the email address: (subject line: “open call – art critic 2024”) until 15 January 2024 (23.59 CET).

There is no fixed application form!

Applications should contain:

-       a work plan for the “critic-in-residency” programme including the following:

-       a description of the applicants’ particular interests in visual art and the planned focus during the Ljubljana residency [maximum 500 words]; the applicant should select one research focus: a) Ljubljana’s vibrant art scene or b) 70 years of the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Art;

-      where the article will be published (if applying for a focus “Ljubljana’s vibrant art scene”); 

-       biography [maximum 500 words];

-       contact details [full name, address, email & telephone number, date of birth];

-       two examples of previously published pieces of writing (in English).


Applications will be evaluated by a jury composed of professionals representing MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts and the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory. The selected applicant will be notified by the end of February 2024. If applicants do not hear anything by that time, this indicates that their application was unsuccessful on this occasion.


Additional information:

If you have any questions regarding the open call, please contact Dušan Dovč:


GDPR Data protection:

1. Application/submission in the context of the Critic-in-Residence Programme at MGLC Švicarija in Ljubljana - a cooperation between International Centre of Graphic Arts and the partner institution Igor Zabel Association.

2. Programme concerned

This section explains the use of data in the course of an application/submission for a Critic-in-Residence Programme in Ljubljana and, if the application is supported, also the use of data for purpose of handling the financial support by International Centre of Graphic Arts and Igor Zabel Association.

By filling out and submitting the application form, you consent with International Centre of Graphic Arts and Igor Zabel Association processing your personal data. Your personal data is used in order to review your application in the most comprehensive manner. When selected, International Centre of Graphic Arts and Igor Zabel Association will make use of the form to prepare your enrolment. Your data will not be shared with third parties except for the selection committee members appointed by International Centre of Graphic Arts and Igor Zabel Association.

3. Collection and processing of personal data

The data entered during application/submission, such as personal data, will be used for the processing of the application/submission, for the evaluation by jury members, for the sending of letters of recognition or rejection, for the transmission of information in preparation and within the framework of the residence stay, for the payment and accounting of financial support and similar purposes. Selected data (as name and surname and short biography of selected resident) is published in the media, on the Internet or in other publicly accessible reports in the public interest.

4. Data transfers to third parties, countries and international organisations

Personal data are passed on by International Centre of Graphic Arts to the jury members.

5. Storage period

Your registration data (first name, surname, e-mail address, telephone-number, Website, etc.) will be deleted by the jury members after the end of the submission/application period in the case of a negative decision of the jury and after the letter of rejection has been sent. However, these data will be archival stored by International Centre of Graphic Arts and Igor Zabel Association for establishing an archive of critic-in-residence applications and will be deleted on your request.

If you have any questions, please contact: International Centre of Graphic Arts,