The flat comprises a work studio and a living area (kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area).

Equipment and furnishings

The work studio is equipped with basic furnishings (desk, chair). The living area consists of a kitchen (fridge, cooker, table, sink, cupboards), a bathroom and a sleeping area (bed). Bed linen is provided and residents can use the laundry room. Residents also have access to the MGLC Print Studio with the assistance of a printmaking technician.

Period of use

Up to 2 months.

SUN Residency

The SUN Programme, following the notions of community, art and nature, took shape in 2018 with the opening of the renovated creative and residential centre MGLC Švicarija. The experiential interpretation of cultural heritage and its connections to contemporary visual art, the location in the middle of nature and the city park, and the community of visual artists working there are the starting points for SUN, which offers professional visual artists the opportunity to make work, develop new ideas and reflect on their practice in the creative atmosphere of a historic building.

The aim of the SUN Residency is to go beyond the (Western European) art canon and present art practices that operate at the intersection of art and ecology; myths, beliefs and rituals; the personal and the collective; tradition and contemporaneity. The residency is dedicated to projects that reflect on the past as a valuable source of tools that enable us to better meet the challenges of the present and build a shared future.

The residency supports interdisciplinary projects by artists who explore the relationship between the individual, community and nature in an intimate, subtle and poetic way. The projects build on traditional production methods and present content that anticipates or creatively negotiates an ecological future. They can be materialised in the form of a spatial installation, exhibition, artistic action or performance, series of discursive events or educational activities.

The artist-in-residence will explore and interpret cultural and natural heritage and engage with it in their art practice. They will combine tradition with the context of contemporary art, taking on the role of a mediator of skills, rooted in ancestral wisdom and experience. They will develop an empathetic relationship with nature and promote the protection of the natural environment. They will be able to use nature and the city park where the residential centre is located as a work and research space. They will connect with the community in the spirit of co-creation and co-existence. Based on an individual work plan, they will introduce the local community to the cultural traditions and social features of the environment they come from.

Artists, groups of artists and artist collectives whose work represents a particular community or who are part of that community as individuals.

Living expenses, travel expenses and a daily allowance are covered for the selected resident.

The public call for applications is published every year usually by June.

Details of the call for applications and the application deadline will be published in May 2024.