One living residency or apartment with a work studio and a living area (kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area).

Equipment and furnishings

The work studio has basic technical equipment: a work table and a chair. The living area of the residency has a kitchen (fridge, stove, kitchen table, sink and cupboards), bathroom and sleeping area (bed). Bed linen is provided and residents can use the laundry facilities. Residents can use our print studio and have the assistance of a printmaking technician.

Period of use

1 month or by arrangement.

Residency of the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts

The Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts, one of the oldest biennales in the world, was founded in 1955. With its activities, it positioned Ljubljana and Slovenian art into a global context, influenced the development of many similar events around the world and created an active network for the exchange of experience in the field of the graphic arts. After 2001, with the introduction of the curatorial approach, it went beyond the limitation to a single medium and began to develop into a museum and extra-museum mirror of contemporary art and curating.

The residency is intended for participating artists and curators of each Biennale edition; depending on the Biennale theme, the invitation is sent by the International Centre of Graphic Arts directly to the Biennale collaborators, thus enabling them to stay in Ljubljana for research and production purposes. After the Biennale, the residency is also awarded to the artist who receives the jury prize for a one-month research residency at the Biennale.


The curators of the Biennale and the artists and artist collectives exhibiting at the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts. Recipient of a research residency selected by the Biennale jury.

Costs of use

The selected resident has their accommodation, travel and subsistence expenses covered.

How to apply

Invitation by the International Centre of Graphic Arts and award of the Biennale Research Residency Prize.

Application deadline