One living residency or apartment with a work studio and a living area (kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area).

Equipment and furnishings

The work studio has basic technical equipment: a work table and a chair. The living area of the residency has a kitchen (fridge, stove, kitchen table, sink and cupboards), bathroom and sleeping area (bed). Bed linen is provided and residents can use the laundry facilities. Residents can use our Print Studio and have the assistance of a printmaking technician.

Period of use

7 days to one month.

Master printers

The Master Printers Residency is linked to the tradition and basic orientation of the International Centre of Graphic Arts as a museum and production centre for graphic arts and print. It is aimed at artists working in classical and contemporary printmaking techniques and interested in innovation in print. They understand graphic art in its broadest sense and also explore creative processes based on reproducibility.

During the stay, the resident will have access to the MGLC Print Studio at Tivoli Mansion, where they will be able to realise their graphic project. They can be assisted or mentored by a printmaking technician and use the equipment in our Print Studio. The MGLC Print Studio enables the production of works in the following techniques: woodcut, linocut, copperplate engraving, drypoint, mezzotint, etching, aquatint, vernis mou, lithography and screenprinting. This residency programme is unique in Slovenia as it combines a living area (a flat) with the museum print studio and collection of graphic works.

The residency also aims to share technical knowledge and skills between experienced printmakers and printmaking technicians, and to exchange theoretical and curatorial approaches on the research, presentation and preservation of the graphic arts.

The residency is part of our international networking with related graphic arts institutions, with whom we establish production collaborations and inter-residency exchanges, as well as develop mentoring and educational programmes.


Artists, master printers and technicians and other experts in graphic arts (curators, theoreticians, restorers, documentalists, etc.).

Costs of use

The selected resident has their accommodation, travel and subsistence expenses covered.

How to apply

The residents are selected based on the invitation of the International Centre of Graphic Arts and production cooperation.

Application deadline