11 work studios (two of them sculpting).


From 27 to 72 m².

Equipment and furnishings

The work studios have basic technical equipment: a work table, a chair, storage cupboards and a sink with running water.

Period of use

5 years (2022–2027).

Artist work studios

MGLC Švicarija is a production centre with eleven artist work studios. The production work in the studios is aimed at visual artists (painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration, comics, sculpture, photography, video) and artists developing new production models and ways of presenting art (installation, performance, sound and light art, art in public space, participatory practices, transdisciplinary integration of visual arts with cultural heritage, ecology, town planning and science).

The strategy of free use of artist studios for a period of five years follows the principle of equal access to public cultural infrastructure and support for established artists of different generations who develop their work in synergy with the international programme of MGLC Švicarija.

Costs of use

The rental is free. The user is obliged to pay the operating costs, the costs of regular maintenance, the costs of the building land use allowance, the costs of insurance and other costs in accordance with the contract for the free use of immovable property.

How to apply

The call for free rental of artist work studios is published every five years.

Application deadline

A new call for 2027-2032 will be launched in 2026.