8. 2. 2024
10 a.m.–6 p.m.
MGLC Švicarija
Admission free

Slovene Cultural Holiday at MGLC Švicarija

MGLC Švicarija, a creative and residential centre, invites you to view its permanent exhibition programme and visit the studios of the artists working here. The exhibitions are open from 10.00 to 18.00, and the artists' studios from 12.00 to 16.00.

The event is part of the LUV fest


The Shadow Is Seen by My Eyes, the Light Is Seen Only by My Heart, permanent exhibition

Švicarija has always known how to surprise, connect and boldly reshape its purpose. Many individuals have taken diligent care that the light in it has never been completely extinguished. The unique past of Švicarija, which was granted the status of a cultural monument of local importance in 2013, is summed up by the guiding principle of community, art and nature, which will continue to illuminate its work in the future.

The Stojan Batič Memorial Studio, permanent exhibition

On the ground floor of Švicarija is the Stojan Batič Memorial Studio, which is a reconstruction of the sculptor's studio in Svetčeva ulica in the Rožna dolina district of Ljubljana. The current spatial reconstruction revives the atmosphere and set-up of this very studio. It allows us to become acquainted with the sculptor's oeuvre, his drafts for famous monumental works and his small sculpture pieces, to which Stojan Batič paid much attention. 


Guided tour, 14.00

MGLC Švicarija has already played the role of a production space in recent decades. In addition to international residency programmes, Švicarija currently offers a temporary workspace to thirteen Slovenian artists: Janja Kosi and Helena Tahir (young artist residency), Anja Jerčič Jakob, Damijan Kracina, Tanja Lažetić, Miran Mohar, Silvan Omerzu, Tanja Pak, Silvester Plotajs Sicoe, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Ana Sluga, Zora Stančič and Miha Štrukelj. The artists in residence will present their current productions and a programme specially prepared for the day. There will also be a public guided tour at 14.00.


Lenka Kubelová and Olga Staňková are two residential artists, participating in the international project Sustainability is in the AiR (SAiR), led by MGLC. During a three-month residency, they will present how their art project related to sustainability is being developed.

Studios Doors Open, MGLC Švicarija. Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.
Studios Doors Open, MGLC Švicarija. Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.

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