16. 2. 2024

Presentation of the projects of the SAiR artists-in-residence

MGLC is the coordinator of the Sustainability is in the AiR (SAiR) project, which connects residential centres in Ljubljana (MGLC Švicarija), Prague (MeetFactory), Madrid (Matadero) and Athens (Snehta).The project fosters sustainable artistic practices alongside residential exchanges. From 8 February to 3 March 2024, the exhibition by two artists-in-residence from the Czech Republic, Lenka Kubelová and Olga Staňková, is on display at MGLC Švicarija. The exhibition combines nature and sustainable artistic practices and was created during the residency in Ljubljana.

Lenka Kubelová: Rhizosphere

What happens in the rhizosphere – the sphere of the soil, the roots and the associated microorganisms? The winter rhythms of Šišenski hrib. Pigments collected from the root systems of uprooted trees, fermented oxymel with pine branches, winter mushrooms, ethical guidance on foraging, ecosystems as inspiration for our human civilisation.

Lenka Kubelová graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her fermenting projects and fermentation lab help her discover relationships with non-human subjects and find inspiration for social change towards more holistic systems. She believes in the power of subtle actions. As of late, she has been expanding her knowledge of natural pigments and dyes.

Olga Staňková: Fluid Nature – Forest of Knowledge

The cycle of paintings is based on the observation of specific parts of natural structures and their constraints, while still finding their own way of re-growing, moving and transforming in order to continue to exist in their own pure way as a dynamic ecosystem. The series shows how this specific kind of recovery unfolds subtly and silently in the midst of vigorous growth.

This particular project is related to easily overlooked or, in some ways, invisible ordinary things that we bypass in our daily lives. However, with more empathy and closer focus, we can find many inspiring approaches to life and its obstacles by opening ourselves to experience, understanding structures and applying renewed knowledge.

The art approach recognises trees and their function in general. It also focuses on their stillness, observation, subordination, withering away, acceptance of loss, recovery, appreciation of the smallest accomplishments, resistant growth and creative continuation. When the branches of trees are drastically altered and shaped, they still find their own diversity of unthinkable extensions and cooperation with other species. They live and provide a peaceful place to live for other biological entities while still finding their way in their own environment and cooperation. This specific research segment also looked at the similarities between nature's structures/ecosystems and human bodies/entities.

The exhibition is also integrated into the art research project Fluid Nature. The entire creation process unfolded in close proximity to the trees in Tivoli Park.

Olga Staňková is a student on the PhD programme in Fine Arts and Art Management at Brno University of Technology. Her doctoral research, Fluid Nature, focuses on tendencies in contemporary art that reflect the current state of nature. Fluid Nature pursues various artistic approaches to the main topic together with experimental positions of artistic expression. Olga is interested in material and processual experiments within the abstract form of formal creation.

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Presentation of the projects of the SAiR artists-in-residence
Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.